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Our Mission

The Veterans Innovation Center (VIC) improves the lives of Veterans and their Families by developing and accelerating innovative solutions to optimize the lives and contributions of military personnel most recently separated from the Armed Services and returning home. We strive and succeed in helping these young Americans achieve lives of Personal Happiness and Professional Success. We coach our Veterans to become as successful a Civilian as they were a Warrior.

The VIC is a modern approach to Veteran re-integration, education and employment, providing our Veterans with a comprehensive launch pad into successful civilian careers and civilian relationships.

The VIC will focus on the 12,200 young Veterans (ages 22-29) in our Santa Barbara Region to ensure each of you have the opportunities to get in and stay in:

The VIC is the most important asset we have in the battle to improve the lives of veterans.
Col. M. Carstensen (ret)
OIC-Army Wounded Warrior Program
  • A Re-Integration process that successfully transitions you from the military culture to the civilian culture.
  • Education with certificates and degrees
  • Employment with career possibilities
  • Behavior health therapy that cures the remnants of war
  • Marriage counseling that repairs years of separation
  • Intimate relationships of love and partnership
  • Learning the basic life skills of the civilian world

If you are a Young Veteran, please join us and your comrades to achieve all of the above.

If you are a Concerned Citizen, please join us and contribute your best resources to ensure our Veterans and their Families achieve the above, learn more.

Special Events

Networking EventsThe VIC participates in Special Events around Santa Barbara.  If you would like to be Email notified about upcoming events, please Opt into our Email list you see in the left colum of this page.

Civilian Support

Civilian Support

Please join our Civilian Team. From left to right; Mentor, Volunteer, Donor and Instructor.